Tissue slides on crockery – a histology dinner set

September 30, 2013

Emily Evans Histology cake and dinner plates

I have been meaning to post this for a while as I saw these plates earlier in the year and immediately hinted to my close friends and family that they would make an excellent gift!

These histology plates (histology is the study of microscopic cells and tissue) are the brain child of Emily Evans, a Medical Illustrator (and so much more) working out of her London studio. She asked her colleague Michelle Spear at Cambridge University to prepare slides of various human tissues, stain them and scan them in – and this is the beautiful result. The variations available for you to chomp your dinner down off of are thyroid, bowel, liver, bone, pancreas, oesophagus, testicle and kidney.






OesophagusPancreas PancreasTesticle



I love the idea that you could be eating a slap-up dinner with your mother-in-law and if she turned her plate over, she would find only the word “Testicle” staring back at her.

Truly though, these plates are stunning, the colours of the stains compliment one another making a gorgeous set and I am yet to find a more  unique addition to the kitchen.

You can buy Emily’s plates from her shop or read more about her work on her blog.

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